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Cascade Eye & Skin Centers is proud to have taken steps to advance the efficiency and affordability of your care. We have contracted with a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) facility to customize the pharmaceutical prescription medications that we prescribe.

This advancement enables us to dispense medications at the time of your visit and offer these medications in a cost-effective manner.

Although such a convenient service would ordinarily come at a premium price, Cascade Eye & Skin Centers will be offering these treatments for less than the cost of your insurance co-pay. By providing our patients with this beneficial solution, we are able to:

  • Eliminate the need to send prescriptions to the pharmacy
  • Control and minimize out-of-pocket expenses for our patients
  • Prescribe medications more efficiently without the interference of insurance companies

As always, you have the freedom to choose! If, for any reason, you feel that this service is not right for you, then please tell your provider that you prefer to receive commercially available medications from your local pharmacy.

It is our goal to optimize our quality of care and services to you, our patients!

We additionally offer several common prescription medications, such as Latisse®, at all of our four Cascade Cosmetic Center locations: University Place, Gig Harbor, Puyallup, and Sunrise. Since these medications require a prescription, a prior visit with one of our doctors or physician assistants is necessary to receive any new medications.

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