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Relax Facial Lines and Wrinkles

Wrinkle relaxers, including Botox®, Dysport®, and DAXXIFY™ have become one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures in the world. They are an excellent treatment option to create a smooth, youthful appearance, specifically reducing unwanted facial wrinkles and creases caused by expression.

What are Wrinkle Relaxers?

Wrinkle relaxers are prescription medications that are injected into the muscles in order to block nerve signals, leading to relaxation of the muscles. These prescription medications are injected with a fine needle directly into the muscles.

The most common areas for wrinkle relaxers to be used are between the eyebrows (glabella), the forehead, and around the eyes (crow’s feet). By precisely administering tiny amounts of these products into these muscles the doctors and physician assistants of Cascade Eye & Skin Centers are able to soften and even eliminate many facial lines and wrinkles for months at a time.

To achieve greater enhancement and facial rejuvenation, wrinkle relaxers are often used in conjunction with dermal fillers and lasers.

Results from wrinkle relaxers are often seen within one to three days following treatment. Patients may notice relaxed facial muscles and smoothing of the wrinkles on the face.

Benefits of Wrinkle Relaxers

There are several benefits of wrinkle relaxers, including:

  • Injections do not require surgery
  • Quick treatment
  • Safer than more permanent anti-aging options
  • Cost-effective

Types of Wrinkle Relaxers


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