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Renuvion® Subcutaneous Contracture

Written by: Tarak H. Patel, MD

Cascade Eye & Skin Centers is excited to announce that we now offer Renuvion® subcutaneous contracture services. Renuvion is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a unique combination of plasma and radiofrequency energy underneath the skin to tighten tissue gently and precisely. It can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures such as liposuction.

There are many skin tightening devices on the market, and we understand that it can be hard to understand which one is best for you. Our team will always work with you one-on-one to select the most appropriate procedure for your goals and body type.

Devices for skin tightening typically fall into two categories: noninvasive or minimally invasive.

Noninvasive Subcutaneous Contracture Devices

Noninvasive devices typically have external applicators that lie on the skin to deliver energy from the outside. However, they are often not as efficacious as minimally invasive devices.

Types of noninvasive devices include Thermage and Ultherapy. They require topical numbing medications to help make the patient comfortable during the procedure. Both procedures can be done in a routine clinic setting.

Minimally Invasive Subcutaneous Contracture Devices

Minimally invasive devices require a probe to be surgically placed under the skin, and they are more effective at subcutaneous contracture. Based on the number of areas addressed, they typically require more medications (sedation/anesthesia) to make the patient comfortable during the procedure.

These devices require small openings to introduce the probe under the skin, but there are no large surgical incisions. These devices can be combined with liposuction to give you maximum benefit and optimal results. The most well-known device in this category is Renuvion.

Areas That Renuvion Can Treat

  • Neck
  • Face
  • Eyebrows
  • Arms
  • Breasts
  • Abdomen
  • Back & Flanks
  • Bra Rolls
  • Thighs

What is the Recovery for Renuvion?

Recovery from Renuvion is very quick. Whether Renuvion is combined with liposuction or not, patients can resume daily activities days after the procedure. Most patients return to work within one to three days, depending on the areas treated.

Results from Renuvion

Most results take six to nine months to fully appreciate. It is important to note that all devices and procedures have limitations. Unfortunately, there is no magic in any of these devices.

Renuvion or any other device will not correct all of your loose skin, and results vary from patient to patient. However, Renuvion is a device that can certainly decrease the amount of loose skin a patient has. Additionally, Renuvion combined with liposuction or surgery is most effective.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Renuvion?

  • Patients with mild to moderate laxity desiring skin tightening
  • Patients who absolutely do not want any surgical scars and/or do not have time for surgical recovery
  • Patients with significant loose skin who do not want surgery but want to decrease the amount of loose skin with the understanding this will not fix the problem, but it will decrease it

Begin Renuvion Subcutaneous Contracture Treatment at Cascade

To see if you are a candidate for Renuvion and learn more about this treatment, schedule a consultation with Dr. Patel at Cascade today.

Cascade Plastic Surgery Team: 253-564-3366

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