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A Celebration of Community and Caring: Our Successful Blood Drive

From being one of the premier providers of eye and skincare to taking on the mantle of social responsibility, Cascade Eye & Skin Centers has always endeavored to be more than just a medical practice. This June, we furthered our commitment to the community by partnering with Cascade Regional Blood Services to host a series of life-saving blood drives. We were deeply moved by the response we received, and today we celebrate the heartening success of these events.

Going Beyond Our Core Services

At Cascade Eye & Skin Centers, our service offerings are diverse, ranging from LASIK, cataract surgery and glaucoma treatment to medical and cosmetic dermatology. However, we strive to touch lives beyond these services. The partnership with Cascade Regional Blood Services for the blood drive events was a testament to this mission. By hosting these drives, we extended our impact on community health, fostering a healthier future for us all.

The Power of Partnership and Giving

The blood drives took place at our University Place, Puyallup, and Gig Harbor locations. Here’s a snapshot of the astounding impact we’ve made together:

Total Units Collected: We collected a total of 104 units, a number that exceeded our initial expectations.

Lives Saved: Each unit of blood can save up to 3 lives. With 104 units, we’ve potentially saved 312 lives – a result that we’re immensely proud of.

Our partnership with Cascade Regional Blood Services was pivotal in achieving these results. Their expertise in conducting such events and handling blood donations safely and efficiently ensured the success of the drive.

The Community’s Role: You Are Our Heroes

The generous turnout at the blood drives was a testament to the caring spirit of our community. We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who showed up and donated blood. Each donation was a powerful gesture of kindness and humanity.

Many of you shared heartwarming feedback, stating, “We care, and we are willing to help those who need us.” Hearing these words was the best affirmation of the bond we share with our community.

Not Just a Blood Drive: Building a Brand with Purpose

For Cascade Eye & Skin Centers, this was not just a blood drive. It was a shared mission, a connection, and an opportunity to demonstrate our deep commitment to the community. We feel that these drives have helped us build our brand not just as a healthcare provider but also as a social partner that truly cares.

Thank you once again for your support and participation!

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