Arm Lift

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

An arm lift, or brachioplasty,  is a surgical procedure that removes excess drooping tissue of the upper arm, effectively reshaping the arm from the elbow to the underarm region. Exercise is typically ineffective at correcting the issues that an arm lift corrects.

A brachioplasty procedure is designed to alleviate the following arm concerns:

• Smoothes and tightens the underlying supportive tissue that provides the definition and shape of the upper arm.
• Lessens excess sagging skin that hangs downward.
• Reduces localized pockets of fat in the upper arm region.

Your consultation with Tarak H. Patel, M.D.

During your personal brachioplasty consultation with Dr. Patel, he will discuss and evaluate your areas of concern.  He will determine if you are a good candidate for surgery based on your overall health and medical history.  Together, you will devise a customized plan for correction.

Understanding your arm lift surgery

Not all patients require an extensive skin excision, the decision of what type of procedure to perform is based on the amount and type of skin and fat found in the upper arm:

Full Upper Arm Lift: A full upper arm lift is a technique used to surgically remove excess skin drooping from the upper arm. It involves an underarm incision and another along the underside of the arm to the elbow. This technique is typically appropriate for patients with skin elasticity issues due to the aging process.  Dr. Tarak Patel, M.D. also commonly performs this procedure for patients who have experienced rapid weight loss, including bariatric surgery.

Mini Arm Lift: The mini arm lift also requires an underarm incision, but on a much smaller scale.  Patients who have lost a moderate amount of weight by adjusting diet and exercise typically benefit from this procedure, as well as those who have established excess skin through the natural aging process.


The recovery period will differ for each patient, discomfort is commonly reported and controlled with prescribed pain medication.  Movement of your arms will be restricted immediately after surgery and swelling and bruising is to be expected.  Most patients return to work after 1 week, but are instructed to avoid strenuous exercise for 1 month and heavy lifting for at least 6 weeks.  Dr. Patel will closely monitor your recovery at your follow-up visits with him.

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