For years, conventional LASIK was performed identically for patients in Tacoma with similar glasses prescriptions. Conventional LASIK worked well but failed to account for subtle differences between eyes. This, in combination with irregularities that can arise when cutting the corneal flap with a microkeratome blade, led to occasional side effects, such as vision problems in low light and other visually challenging situations.

Current LASIK Technology

Today, the use of IntraLase® and CustomVue™ for LASIK procedures has significantly improved visual results and has reduced the potential for night vision problems. The surgeons at Cascade Eye and Skin Centers, P.C. in Puyallup are combining Wavescan Technology, IntraLase® and CustomVue™ to perform bladeless, custom LASIK (called iLASIK™), helping patients to reduce their dependence on glasses and contacts.

LASIK Procedure

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Rather than relying on a blade (called a microkeratome) to cut the corneal flap during LASIK, the Intralase Method™ (also called Femtosecond LASIK) employs a high-precision laser to create the flap. By applying concentrated light energy to an exact depth within the cornea, our eye surgeons create a layer of gas bubbles that makes a very smooth and uniform flap. The surgeon then carefully folds back the flap to reshape the cornea with a second laser. The IntraLase Method™ avoids the irregularities that sometimes occur when cutting the corneal flap with a blade. A smoother, more regular flap means a quicker, stronger healing eye and clearer vision.

When you have the iLASIK™ procedure, you'll get a completely integrated, completely personalized procedure based on advanced vision correction technology at every step.

The term "custom LASIK" refers to the technology used in the second reshaping step of the LASIK procedure. At Cascade Eye & Skin Centers, P.C., this step is performed with the VISX CustomVue™ laser. CustomVue™ uses VISX WaveScan™ imaging technology, allowing our LASIK surgeons to create detailed three-dimensional maps of each patient's individual eyes. Many of the optical distortions that are not corrected by a patient's glasses prescription can now be defined and corrected with this WaveScan™ technique. The end result is incredibly clear vision and a very low incidence of complications.

CustomVue™ imaging is used primarily in LASIK procedures, but Cascade Eye & Skin Centers, P.C.'s surgeons also use this technology to improve the results of PRK - an alternative form of refractive surgery, occasionally used when a patient is not an ideal candidate for LASIK.

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