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Faster LASIK Recovery Infographic
New technologies have made LASIK more effective than ever for reducing patients’ dependence on glasses or contacts. At Cascade Eye and Skin, we implement the most recent techniques, including the Intralase Method™, which uses a laser, rather than a blade, to create the flap needed to access the eye. We also provide custom LASIK procedures, which use three-dimensional imaging to create a 3D map of each eye. This allows doctors to correct distortions on a detailed, individual level. Even glasses can’t correct vision as well as custom LASIK can. Call 253-446-3760 to schedule a free LASIK assessment.

LASIK is nearly painless and recovery is so easy that you may go back to work the next day. Use these tips to make your recovery even more trouble-free:

Plan Well for your Procedure

DO: Arrange for someone to drive you home from your procedure.

DO NOT: Plan any vacations immediately after LASIK. Your doctor may forbid swimming, hot tubs or contact sports for a period of weeks or months.

DO: Schedule your follow-up appointments before your procedure.

Reduce Your Chances of Infection

DO: Avoid eye makeup the day before and the day of the procedure. Clean your eyelashes very thoroughly.

DO NOT: Wear cosmetics for a few weeks after surgery.

DO: Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding your antibiotic and/or steroid drops.

DO NOT: Use any drops not approved by your doctor.

Protect Yourself from Complications

DO: Wear your eye shields at night. Though unusual, rubbing your eyes while half-awake could cause serious complications.

DO NOT: Rub your eyes, even if they itch or burn.

DO: Use your lubricating drops for as long as the doctor instructs, even if your eyes don’t feel dry.

DO: Prepare for temporary side effects such as dry eyes or poor night vision (glare, halos around bright lights, double vision). These will clear up in a few days to weeks.

DO NOT: Be disappointed if your vision isn’t perfect immediately. Your vision will change for up to three months after the procedure while your eyes heal.

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