Ambulatory Surgery Center

Registered Nurse – Intra-Operative

Job Description:

Department: ASC
Exempt Status: Non-Exempt
Position Status: Full-time
Reports to: Department Supervisor

Company Conformance Statement:
In the performance of respective tasks and duties, all employees are expected to conform to the following:
• Perform quality work within deadlines with or without direct supervision
• Interact professionally with other employees, supervisors, patients and providers
• Work effectively as a team contributor on all assignments
• Work independently while understanding the necessity for communicating and coordinating work efforts with other employees, supervisors and providers
• Maintain a respectful relationship with providers and co-workers
• Make good use of your time by being productive at all times

Our mission is to provide superior health care in a professional and efficient manner, while maintaining a warm and caring atmosphere for our patients. Come join our team!

RN Job Responsibilities:

The role of an RN is to support providers and patients by providing quality information, services, and assistance to patients undergoing surgical intervention to the best of your ability within your licensed scope of practice.

RN/PACU Specific Job Duties:
• General anesthesia/surgery recovery
• Assist with intubation/extubation
• Pre-surgical patient health assessment
• IV insertion and management
• Ability to work under surgeon and anesthesiologist orders in a professional responsive manner
RN Job Duties:

General Responsibilities:
• Monitor patient flow by directing providers to the next patient; overseeing the providers schedule to maintain “on-time” status; check reception area to ensure all patients are accounted for.
• Confirm patients understanding of the provider’s instructions at completion of the exam.
• Manage patient phone calls within your scope of practice and forward messages as needed to providers.
• Secures patient information and maintains patient confidence by completing and safeguarding medical
records and keeping patient information confidential.
• Maintains safe, secure, and healthy work environment by establishing and following standards and procedures; complying with legal regulations.
• Assist with all surgical procedures; prepare consent forms for signature, organize instruments and/or supplies, clean, dry, sterilize/autoclave instruments.
• Oversee refills of patient medications; call patients with instructions from provider as directed.
• Maintain responsibility for compliance with blood borne pathogen regulations; assistance with the clinic policy and procedures; maintenance of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all supplies and medications.
• Keeps equipment operating by following operating instructions; troubleshooting breakdowns; maintaining supplies; calling for repairs.
• Update job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications.
• Serves and protects the practice by adhering to professional standards, policies and procedures, federal, state, and local requirements including all aspects of HIPAA regulations.
• Other duties and tasks may/will be assigned/removed as needed from multiple sources.

Technical Responsibilities:
Maintenance of Safety:
• Assures that sponge, needle, and instrument counts are correct.
• Positions the patient keeping in consideration:
     Functional alignment
     Exposure of surgical site
     Maintenance of position throughout procedure
• Applies grounding device to patient.
• Provides physical support.
Physiological Monitoring:
• Distinguishes normal from abnormal cardiopulmonary data.
• Reports changes in patient’s pulse, respirations, temperature, and blood pressure.
Psychological Monitoring (prior to induction and if patient is conscious):
• Provides emotional support to patient.
• Stands near/touches patient during procedures/induction.
• Continues to assess patient’s emotional status.
• Communicates patient’s emotional status to other appropriate members of the health care team.
Performs similar and incidental duties as assigned

Physical Requirements:
Employees are required to stand and walk continuously. Work is of high demand with lifting up to 50 pounds. Activities include pushing, pulling, lifting of patients and/or equipment, stooping, bending, reaching, and occasional kneeling, crawling, and squatting. Ability to see, hear and speak continuously at a level to meet all essential functions of the job. Work is of high attention and mental demands, including the ability to prioritize and process with accuracy.

Working Conditions:
Hours of operation in the Ambulatory Surgery Center are variable and may be 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Monday thru Friday. Working hours will vary depending upon need. May be required to work overtime or have work schedule adjusted to meet surgery center volume.

Employee must be prepared to handle physically stressful situations, including acute medical situations and infectious and/or hazardous materials.

RN Skills and Qualifications:
Supply Management, Verbal Communication, Infection Control, Creating a Safe and Effective Environment, Organization, Professionalism, Customer Focus, Confidentiality, Bedside Manner, Medical Teamwork

Licensing and Education Requirements:
• Proof of graduation from an accredited Nursing Program specified to Registered Nurse
• Current Washington State License as a Registered Nurse
• Current certification in CPR for Healthcare Professionals
• Current ACLS Certification
• Current PALS certification for pediatric patient population preferred

Job related experience:
One year previous experience as a surgical nurse is required, preferably in an ASC setting.
It is the responsibility of each employee to maintain up to date records with the State of Washington. CESC will assist in the payment of timely renewals prior to expiration of license, however any and all other fees become the responsibility of the employee.
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