Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics

Kim Fleming, the Puget Sound area's most sought after permanent cosmetics artist, has been providing her services at CascadeEye and Skin Centers, P.C.  since 2005. She possesses over 20 years of experience and has performed thousands of procedures.  Kim is licensed in Washington State and holds certifications in permanent cosmetics, scar camouflage and breast reconstruction, as well as a Masters Certification, allowing her to teach.  She has undergone training for multiple methods of permanent cosmetics and using this training has developed a unique method using a very precise and gentle method that is done completely by hand.  

Kim Fleming is an expert at enhancing eyebrows, eyeliner, lashes and camouflaging scars.  She also offers an eyebrow or eyeliner service free of charge to patients currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Complimentary consultations are available with Kim Fleming, where she will work with you, analyzing your features, to create the perfect look.  She asks that you arrive to your appointment wearing your make-up as you usually do, giving her an idea of how you like it.

Your visit with Kim Fleming will begin with her applying a topical anesthetic to the treatment area. She will allow that to set and once she begins her application it will likely take no more than 30 minutes per area.  When you are finished it may feel sensitive, like a sunburn, and she will instruct you on the aftercare required.  Upon leaving the office the pigment will appear sightly darker than the end result, the pigmentation will gradually fade over the following week or so to achieve the desired look.

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