Facial Vein Laser Treatment

Treating face veins with laser is an easy procedure with no or minimal down time. The most common fine veins (known as telangiectasia) are found around the nose and cheek area. They may be caused from rosacea, aging, or the cumulative effects of sun damage. They are often called “broken capillaries”; a misnomer as the real cause is their persistent dilation and blood flow giving them their red color. Regardless of how they occur, Cascade Eye & Skin Centers, PC has lasers with the capability of clearing these veins.

The KTP (potassium titanyl phosphate) laser specifically targets the fine vein by heating up the inner capillary wall which results in inflammation and sealing the capillary. The body then slowly reabsorbs this damaged capillary without damaging the skin. 

Most patients receive 30-50% improvement with their first treatment depending on the number, size and intensity of their veins. Therefore, a few treatments may be necessary for maximal results. These laser treatments are affordable, effective, have minimal downtime, minimal discomfort and take about 15-30 minutes. 
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